Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A day late and a headline short...

I was a slacker yesterday and did not post a single thing. But - I did go to work and I did clean my house! I still had my bouts of nausea and feeling tired (I took a nap in between house work and work) but all in all it was a fairly good day. I saw the Doc first thing in the morning and my white count is low as he expected, but he is sure it will begin to raise since they gave me that shot that makes my bones ache, aka produce more bone marrow. He suggested that I continue with one of the meds he prescribed for nausea and that seems to be helping. :)

Today I worked alllll day and then baby-sat for by boss and her two cuties (needed a baby fix) and then came home and made myself a yummy supper of broccoli, corn, carrots and cantaloupe. It was absolutely delish and I was CRAVING veggies! I guess that is good, hunh? Now I am going to go watch the rest of my not-so-trashy TV show The Closer and head to bed early cause tomorrow is another day of work. It has been really nice to feel so great the last two days and getting my mind on work and my clients whom I have neglected, is a great way to do just that. I am actually feel almost normal-well as normal as I can anyway.

Friday morning we leave for sunny Florida where I am going to enjoy the white sand and blue waters! Our plan was to use some of the funds sent from you wonderfully generous people and rent myself a little convertible so that I could see the sky and travel in a way that I have never had the chance before, but alas, SC rental car places just don't have convertibles. Oh well, maybe we can find one when we get there for a day. I am so very excited to get out of town and see the ocean. If there is anything that always makes me feel better when I am feeling ill, its the ocean, sand and sun. I am a beach girl at heart and I just knew I would not have another chance to see the beach until after chemo and low and behold that wonderful hubby-o-mine is taking me to the GULF! Anyway, I will stop bragging about that and let you all get back to your lives. I plan to kind of chill with the updates as long as things are still moving along as they are. I figure you guys REALLY don't want to know everything I am doing, cause that would just plain get old. So, until we meet again, I love you all!!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rainy Sunday afternoon

Hello my faithful friends. Well, I did not make it to that emotionally aligning yoga class but I did attend the movie. And it was GREAT! Not that I have needed any assistance in the tear inducing part of my life lately, but it did make me shed a few. I laughed and giggled and stuffed myself with buttery popcorn and Jess' homemade peanut butter chocolate brownies (snuck very carefully into the theater, shhh.) and left feeling just great. An evening with some of my most favorite ladies was just what the Doctor ordered. After the movie we came back to my place and Jess made more yummies, Enchiladas and Guacamole and we chowed. I had a fairly good appetite and went to bed with a full and not so queasy feeling tummy for the first time in a week. It was wonderful.

Larry was in Charleston attending a fund raiser for us at the "The Park" in Charleston (skatepark) and having a grand time. I was sad to not be able to make it down to party and show everyone our appreciation for their thoughtfulness, but I just wasn't up to the journey. Jon Dee and his most fabulous girl Margaret put on one heck of a show full of skating and music and raised a ton of money for us! Larry and I are still reeling from the outpouring of support that continues to come from friends and family. We are so truly blessed!

As for today, I spent the morning giving some blood at the hospital to make sure that my count was where it should be (it was) and then the rest of the day laid up on the couch being a completely lazy bum and watching trash television (Brett Michael's Rock of Love, for those who share my vice). My mommy dearest met me at the hospital and came home to take care of me until Larry got back into town. She made me chocolate chip cookies (care of Angie- YUMYUMYUM!) and a grilled ham and cheese sammy. I know, I am the most spoiled rotten chemo vixen there is! And - I am really sticking to this eat what I can thing and worrying later about the eat what's healthy thing. That's what's important now, right?

So anyhoo, just a quick little update and then I am back to being a bum. Tomorrow I have another check-up with Doc C. and blood work and the "hey how was your first week of chemo?" dialog, so I will fill you all in tomorrow. Happy Sunday and thanks again for reading!



Friday, August 24, 2007

Tomorrow is the day!

Yep, tomorrow I will attend my yoga class and will have the strength to move distances farther than 20 yards. So far today, eating has been the most difficult due to a sore mouth, teeth and the nausea. But tomorrow is a new day and I have every intention of eating, stretching (in an emotionally aligning sort of way) and watching "No Reservations" holding a giant tub of extra buttery popcorn alongside my fabulous girls. Thanks again for all of the calls, cards, letters, myspace thingies, and love. It helps more than you know. So look to tomorrows update where I tell you all about the movie even if you haven't seen it! ;)

Oh - and for those curious, and I know thats most - the hair is still hanging in there. I'll let you know when it's time to "plane down" as the fabulous Mr. Ken Dennis (who is making my hair piece from my very own hair!) prefers to say!



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day Four

I don't have as much to say today as yesterday, but still wanted to keep you guys up to date. Today was a puny day with lots of nausea (that was the worst it got, thank goodness), a decent amount of napping and only some of the bone pain from the previous days. My wonderful mommy-dearest came to my rescue today and made sure I was ok. She made good ole' homemade vegetable soup and cornbread, did my laundry, played with the dogs, rubbed my head and wiped my tears. This whole thing would be so much worse without my momma!

As for tomorrow I intend to get up, eat breakfast, drink coffee and make it to my 10:30 meeting. I will let you all know how that goes. And my plan for the weekend you may ask, cause it has been years since this girl hasn't had weekend plans, are an emotional alignment yoga class on Saturday and a movie with the girls. Beyond that it is looking pretty slim. So until the next update!



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The next day blues

First I must say, that the comments and love and prayers and thoughts are so wonderful! Please keep them coming because on days like today, I can tell you I need them!

Day two was not as full speed as yesterday, and let me tell you I was non-stop all day. The blog was only the first of my to do's! I remained at about 150 mph all day until around 6 pm (after twelve hours of non-stop) I began to crash. I still had a decent appetite and was provided another deliciosso supper by Jess' mom (my other mom) Susan. I am not sure what Larry and I would do without all of you! Well-the likeliest thing now is starve!

This morning was a bit of a different story. I awoke half expecting to feel that same crazy gotta-go right now and run a marathon false energy from the day before, but was not so lucky. I was able to eat breakfast and with only a few doubts safely stay through till lunch where my ever faithul favorite Groucho girl delivered a Cole Special. Now don't tell my docs, cause I think ALL my meals are supposed to be uber healthy, but give a chemo vixen (totally stolen from my Crazy, Sexy Cancer Book by Kriss Carr) a break! She and Emma cheered me up for a minute and then I was back to bed where I remained the majority of today. I have done a little work, phone calls mostly and some billing, but for the most part, not much.

Larry didn't want to leave me any more than he had to, so he has worked from home and I can't tell you all how grateful I am that he can do that. He makes sure I take my medicine and drink "plenty of fluids" (my mom is wearing off on him) and then he checks constantly to make sure I don't need anything else. He truly is my Dr. DA, my knight in skateboard armor and my hero. I have not been the easiest to deal with, I know. Calling talking 900 miles per minute yesterday and crying about nothing today, but he keeps on smiling. And I know that is because of the support we have through all of you! Thank you my wonderful peeps and hope you continue to enjoy coming here to read about my "Crazy, Sexy (damn sure trying) Cancer! (Thanks Kriss Carr and thanks Jenn and Pete!)



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First report

I would first like to say thank you to all of you who have already read and left us comments. This is so great! I am still reeling fro the fact that I have a blog!

So, yesterday was the first chemo treatment and while long and tiring it was not so bad. Larry had first shift, then Mom and Laura Ashely came and Jess stopped by for an extended lunch break. I was so glad to have them there, because while I was waiting to get started in the lobby, I saw so many people rolling their IV poles and wearing their headscarves, hats and wigs and I had a few moments of weakness. Without my entourage I am sure there would have been more than a few.

I was home yesterday by 5pm after arriving at 7:45 am to get started with labs and getting some scripts from the Doc. We started the chemo about 9:30 and that took a little longer than they anticipated as I continued to have some reactions to the first drug Rituxin. We had to stop and start so my throat would stop feeling like it would close, and then I was covered in chills and running a fever, all so quickly! But we finally (like I did anything other than sit in a recliner!) got that one moving and after starting a second line we were able to get the other 4 (maybe 5?) drugs in. I came home with a huge appetite to which Sam satiated instantly by bringing one of my favorite home cooked meals - country style steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli! YUM!! Sleep was a tad more difficult as the steroids have got me slightly on edge, so at 7am (and that is EARLY!! for ME) I was out of the bed with a grumbling tummy and ready for breakfast.

I am still feeling well and planning to do a little work today as tomorrow and Thursday are expected to be the days were I feel the worst. Today, I plan to have my hairpiece made (if there is enough left from what was cut off) and then I will go get a shot to help rebuild my white blood count which is lowered my the chemo. So...as for now, I am doing fabulous and smiling. I love sitting to write this, while a tad awkward, I am so comforted to know that so many caring peeps are wanting to know how I am. So as long as you have time to read, I got time to write!



Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hmmm, this is new to me. But here goes...

Larry and I have been trying to find the best possible way to let all the wonderful people who care so deeply about us know how this crazy journey is going. We were given the fabulous idea of using a blog so that friends and family can stay up to date on how my treatments are going. I am not sure how much will be disclosed here, or how often, but I do hope that it will be a place where I can let all of you know how I am, how I feel and how much I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, concerns, and love.

To get the ball rolling:

Chemo starts on Monday and I am feeling about as nervous as one could imagine, but I have spent the weekend eating all of the foods I'm not allowed to as of D-day, laughing, giggling, smiling and just all around feeling loved. I will visit with my Dad and kids from out of town tomorrow and hopefully get a decent nights sleep and then...well, then it all starts. Part of my entourage (Mom, Lar, Jess and Laura Ashely) will be my steadfast companions for the day and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. I will likely give you all an update on Monday as I sit there for about 8 hours getting all that good stuff and I doubt I can read for that long or listen to music, or knit scarves. So...until I figure out how to update this crazy internet blog thinguhmajig, thank you all for being so incredibly wonderful. I love you and I could not have endured the first half of this journey without you and I certainly could not complete it.