Friday, March 20, 2009

Sleepy time

Ok I realize this is going to throw everyone for a loop that I have posted TWICE in one week, but I have had some time (I also took a long hot bath in my jacuzzi tub and painted both my toes and my fingernails!!) so I decided to post again.  Not so long ago I took some photos of my little bug sleeping cuz he just looks so dad-gum peaceful.  Then a few days later he was fighting sleep as hard as he could one mornin and his wonderful Dad scooped him up so I could grab some cereal and pump a little before he had to head to work.  He had a full belly and had hardly slept the night before so I figured he was sleepy but I wasn't able to make it happen.  Larry grabbed him up and they sat next to me on the couch.  The next thing I knew they were both snoozing peacefully awaiting the cutest picture on the face of the planet to be taken.  The entire time I was pregnant I just could not wait to snap a picture of a little teeny tiny baby sleeping on his Daddy's chest.  And here I had my first opportunity!  I intend to snap these whenever the chance arises but wanted to go ahead and share this one with you.  Don't you wish we could all still curl up on the chest of someone we know loves us more than anything in the world? Boy, I sure do.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

3am thoughts

So there I was sitting in the nursery feeding my incredibly, always, hungry baby boy and had some thoughts. First I thought about how amazing it is to be a Mom. I thought about how I have a different perspective on love now and I feel like I likely never really knew what it was before he came into my(our) life. Thinking of him sparks a feeling like I never knew existed and just seeing his little face is the most wonderful thing there is. It also makes me realize I have a new kind of love for my own Mom. Maybe it's because I have now experienced the same no-matter-what kind of love that she has for myself and Will. Or maybe its because I now know how much she worries and hurts for us. Either way I love my Momma more than I did before, if that is even possible. Weird? Who knows. But I was also thinking during this late night nursing extravaganza about all the other things I love and was inspired by Juju's lists that she writes. So I am here writing my own list. One comprising a few of the things I love:

1. Griffin's pitiful little cry when he is really sleepy. It hurts and elates all at that same time.
2. The crinkles around Larry's eyes when he smiles a really genuine smile.
3. Seeing my Momma.
4. Watching my brother with his nephew and his fiance. Both bring out this amazing peacefulness on his face.
5. The Beach. Any beach at any season during any weather. The smell and the wind make me feel calm, at peace and at home.
6. Chocolate.
7. Seeing my friends and laughing.
8. A really good, yummy, robust red wine.
9. Some cheesy, spicy mexican goodness wrapped in any sort of tortilla with a margarita on the side.
10. Getting a hair cut by someone whose chair you can sit in and say "make me beautiful" and always leave feeling that way.
11. Curling up on the couch with a blanket on a rainy day and watching a movie with Lar.
12. Watching my dogs lay in the grass basking in the sun. What a life!
13. Hearing Griffin's teeny, tiny whimper when he is just finished eating and drifting to sleep.

While I am sure I could drag this list on for ages, I have a little one who is done and ready for some sleep. So...more on all this mushy-gushy love stuff later. You can't wait, can you? :)


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, I have had a few days now of just hanging out with the Griffster. He and I have been sleeping late (we have a few breaks in between these late morning rises) and just staring at each other. He is opening his eyes more each day and even though he really can't see me yet, I feel like he is looking at me. That, my dear friends, is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Seeing those big blue (?) eyes staring at me is indescribable. We've been staying in the bed and napping and eating (both of us since my appetite is insatiable these days!) and loving life. Tuesday I didn't even get out of my pajamas all day and it was wonderful. It was the first day since little man came home that we didn't have guests all day long. Now, I don't want that to sound like we weren't enjoying all of our guests, as we did immensely, but it was so nice to have nothing to do. I finally feel like I am nearly caught up on my rest and recovered from labor. I am getting a teeny bit of cabin fever though but I think that's because I know I can't drive and am stuck waiting for someone to take us some place. Really though I am not sure I am ready to take him anyplace! He still seems to small and fragile and its so damn cold outside! Mom and I are going out and about tomorrow though and I am really excited about that. We plan to go and get me fitted properly for a nursing bra (sorry fella's but here's where I tell the story and that's a big part of this story) and then to Target to get some gifts for Luna and Stella's party. It will be a big day for us tomorrow and I sure hope he doesn't get too tired. We may even stop and get some lunch out! In a restaurant! In public! I am not sure if I will remember how to behave in public!! Ok, so that's silly, but it feels like I have not been in public in forever. I hope I can remember how to put on make-up and fix my hair. Alright, enough of my silliness.

So more about Griff: Larry and I are getting used to his cries and being able to tell what they mean most times, even though we haven't figured out how to fix some of them. He has the cutest little faces that he makes and while he hates having his diaper changed, it is freezing after all, when we are all finished and he is dressed again he looks all around the room with those big eyes wide open and his lips are pursed together. My heart melts instantly and I can't stop looking at him. Yesterday I gave him a little bath (sponged him off really) and left him naked on the towel in the heated bathroom for a minute and he loved it! He hasn't had much time to be a naked baby as our house won't seem to stay as toasty as we'd like and I really think he enjoyed it. He and I sat in there (while I was sweating bullets on the poor kid from the heat mind you) and he was as happy as a clam. I think we will do that each day so he can enjoy some naked baby time. I enjoyed it too as he is the cutest little thing in the world. His little bum is adorable and he has the skinniest little legs and arms. And his feet are just like his Daddy's right down to his big toe. Again, I have gone goo-goo over this baby boy o'mine. Being a Mom is already the coolest thing I have ever done. And watching Larry be a Dad is even cooler. Hearing him talk to Griffin when he is feeding him or changing his diaper brings me near tears every time. He is already the world's best Dad. And I can't wait to continue telling you all about our family. Hope you keep reading!