Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shame, shame.

On me, that is. It is almost May and I have not made a post since February!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry. I have no excuse. Well actually I think I have a few good ones. I have been working my tail off at work and at school. I may have informed you that I returned in full force to school and am taking 15 hours. That is quite a load. I actually should be doing some school work right now but I am doing everything I can think of instead. So here's whats been happening:

My visits with the Neurologist failed to give me anything other than more bills. He was unable to determine anything about the tingling that gave us any definitive answers and only suggested more tests (like a nuclear bone scan! what?!? I have had enough scans and I am full enough of nuclear chemicals and radiation, thank you very much!) so I decided to return to Dr C and see what he had to say about that. In the meantime, I developed a nasty case of the shingles. Dr C seems to think that the tingling could be from a myriad of things like the chemo, radiation or the Nulasta shots. It could even be form the shingles!! So after 4 MRI's, it could be I just was in prodromal phase of shingledom! How nice, I thought. Well, that's ok, at least it wasn't anything serious! As for those shingles? Well, I am going on 9 weeks of the little ba*@!%$ds and I have had quite enough. I would not wish those on my worst enemy.

Ok, enough complaining about that. In other news health wise, all is dandy and hunkydorey. I had begun running again and yoga pretty steadily until the Neuro guy suggested I stop until we figure out what was going on, but when he couldn't give me any answers I stopped listening. I have since been running a little (when those dawgon shingles aren't killing me, as they are located in a place that makes running excruciating) and I PLAN to hit a yoga class when I finish all these papers for school!

As for work and school, I recently got a little promotion at work and was hired full time! That was nice considering I got the state benefits and a little raise. Can't beat that!! I also am a little further ahead on classes than I thought, and will be able to graduate in December, I am hoping! That was most fabulous news to Larry and myself! I am sure he will be happy to have his wife back and not with her nose in a book or away in class. Ok, I can't leave out the less crabby and stressed out part too! :) I have continued to notice my brain returning to normal (read: the previous state in which I was able to adequately remember details and information) so that has been refreshing and VERY helpful on the school front. I also was offered a graduate assistantship for the summer and fall to help implement a certificate program in my school for work with Deaf! That is going to be super exciting and I can put that on my resume too!

If that was too boring a report, I am sorry. There just has not been much happening that doesn't involve school or work. Larry is steadily working on getting the park built here in Colatown and in keeping me tied down to earth (the latter may be his hardest job ever!). His job is still going well and keeping him busy.

Well, I guess that about sums up the last few months. I wish I had more to give you all, but life has resumed to boredom and normalcy, so...

I promise to update this thing if anything happens (exciting or interesting) but until then, thanks for reading!! Love to you all.