Friday, January 23, 2009


Larry and I were thrown a shower by his work staff yesterday.  I was thrilled from the get-go about their willingness and excitement to do something so nice for us, but when we arrived I was absolutely awe struck.  The office was decorated so beautifully with balloons and a special chair just for me.  There was yummy food covering a beautifully decorated table and then I saw the tables (yep that was plural!) of gifts!! I continue to be stunned in my life at how generous people can be.  Larry and I were shown an immense amount of compassion and generosity last year (wait, make that the year before last!! Whoa time flies) when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and underwent all that craziness ('round here we call it The Mona Incident).  Almost daily we would open our mail box and there would be a card with a check and a well wish or prayer! That happened for weeks!  My emotions were undergoing an upheaval as it was but this just left me speechless on a nearly daily basis.  I have always tried to live my life (ok, so at least my adult life) as a person who does good things and believes that in doing those things my life will also be good.  I believe in Karma and also believe that Larry and I have are good people.  I still am not sure we are (or were) THAT good.  I have since tried to spread that compassion and generosity as best I can.  And now we are pregnant and again our friends rally around us and help us prepare for the arrival of our little boy.  I continue to feel as though my heart could not possibly be any more full than it is today.  It is such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by people who care so much and are so thoughtful.  Yesterday, after leaving Larry's office with our trunk loaded to the top, I thought the whole way home about how lucky we are.  Lucky to have friends.  Lucky to have family.  Lucky to have each other and lucky to be having this little man coming into our lives.  

Thanks all for being in my life and making it as wonderful as it could possibly be.  

~lucky m

Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 weeks to go!!

Well here I am, again two months since my last post and still a slacker.  I do have a few good excuses this time though.  I have been nesting my little (well, it's been growing along with the belly) fanny off!!  I always thought that was some stupid made-up non-sense that people said happened to pregnant women.  Well I am proof that some sort of bizarrness happened to me and made me clean every closet, drawer, shoe box and junk drawer in my house.  And I'm not done yet.  I have painted the nursery twice now (with the help of my fantastic Mother and Brother) and have rearranged hte furniture about twenty times.  Mom and Wilbur said they weren't coming to paint again if I didn;t like this color.  Bless them,  I was quite a brat.  But read my "about me" and you'll see I've always been indecisive and now I just added being pregnant on top of it!  Speaking of which Larry likes blaming everything on pregnancy.  When I am being a pain in his ass he knows its the pregnAancy (and I CERTAINLY will not be telling him otherwise) and when I need my second bowl of ice cream for the day, he knows its the pregnancy (and CERTAINLY not that I just really love ice cream).  He really is one of a kind and I can't wait until I get to see him with his little baby.  

Speaking of which, Jess (my bff for more than 15 years) just had her baby last Wednesday.  She was miserable at the end but still managed to keep a smile on her face and have positive things to say whenever I talked to her.  I sure do hope I can maintain that class in the next 5 weeks.  Maybe I will have to come back here and re-read for inspiration.  Anyway, seeing Jess with that olittle baby is amazing.  Her name is Siena Riley and she is beautiful.  I was vblown away at how much love I felt for her when I first saw her (she was only hours old!) and can not fathom how I will feel when I am holding my baby in a few short weeks.  And then to see Jess and Matt (he's the Dad) holding that little teeny baby is such an amazing thing.  It is wild to see
 people whom you've known since you were nearly a baby yourself now becoming parents.  I don't remember this nostaligia when any of my other friends have become parents, but who knows.  Perhaps its me nearly being in the same boat that is getting all those feelings a-stirring.  All I know is Jess is already an amazing Mother.

So as for this blog thingy, Judi has inspired me to write more often (we'll see) since she has her blog.  Here is a link to her blog and I strongly suggest you check it.  She is funny, smart and has great pictures unlike all my booooring typing here.  Maybe one day I will become inspired to add in some photos and such.  I plan to use this here blog when little Baby R arrives to keep everyone (well shit, Pete is about the only one who still reads it!  Thanks Pete and here is a SHOUT OUT to you!!) abreast of his arrival, cuteness and how fast he grows.  So keep an eye out peeps.

Ok, so in conclusion here is my usual whats been going on:  I finally graduated from
 USC School of Medicine with Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling (wow that looks way fancier with all those capitals) and am STILL in need of a job at a Masters level.  I am 5 weeks away from the most pain I have ever felt to experience the most love I can imagine and likely the greatest loss of sleep Larry and I are to get.  So we are slowly getting as ready as we can.  If I could just stop changing my mind, that is...

Til I remember to do this again,


oh and here is a pic starting at 15 weeks up to 30 weeks.  And I am WAYYYY bigger than that now!  Eeeeek...