Monday, August 4, 2008


Well it has again been ages since I have posted here and who knows if anyone still checks this spot, but I told Mom and Will I would figure how to post some pics while we were on vacation in St. Croix. We are here for the week with Judi and Steven (our close friends from Charleston) and having a blast. THe weather is wonderful and from the pics you will see that we have an amazing place with an even more amazing view. We decided to go for renting a house in lieu of the standard all-inclusive resort and it is proving to be a great decision. The house is all ours, its quiet, relaxing and we have our own private pool, jacuzzi, and Jeep to tour the sites. I am not sure how often I will update the blog while we are hear (as we have to sit in a rather unusual spot on the far corner of the patio for the internet to pick up, but here's some for now.
Just a few pics that we thought were cool (sinc ethis blog won't let me load too many!)

Enjoy!oh- and here's a tid bit of interesting information you may all enjoy knowing. Larry and I are not alone on this little trip to paradise (not meaning Judi and Steven!). We found out a few weeks ago that we need not use those frozen grandbabies Mom loves to talk about as we are 11 weeks pregnant! More on that later!!! :)