Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Try, try and try again.

I recently met up with two old friends from high school. One lives in New York and has a little wild man near about G's age (actually only about two weeks younger)! We chatted briefly about Mom stuff and baby stuff and then we talked about our blogs. Except I didn't have much to say except that I am the slackest blogger that possibly blogs. (Does that even make any sense?) Anyhoo, so Amber and I shared blog addresses and other high-tech ways to contact one another and I then proceeded to make a (sort-of) promise. While I didn't say "I promise", I did say "I will" update my blog every Sunday so we can stay in contact. Now I am really bad with time, but I am fairly sure I have let SEVERAL weeks go by without even one new Sunday post. On my or Griffin's blog.
How slack is that!?
I am now going to try really hard to do this. I mean, every Sunday. How hard is that? I can take 20 minutes to post a little something or a little picture or a funny quip of the day, right?

I sho is gonna try.

And for today I thought I would take a minute to relay something that is making me nuts: these crappy allergies! Man, I cannot breathe or stop sneezing! And poor little man has some red rimmed eyes himself. He seems to have inherited more than just Momma's allergies.

That leads me to another thing (geeez, I'd forgotten how easy this whole blogging thing is!)! G-man is finally saying Momma! It is the best sound in the whole entire world. He says it mostly after he gives me those sweet little kisses of his. That's his other new thing: holding Momma's cheeks and smooching away. Man, that is just the best thing ever!

Til next Sunday (and don't hold me to that to strictly, ok?)