Sunday, June 13, 2010


I really want to bake! I mean bake well. Bake super deliciously yummy things that make people call me up and say, "Mary, can you please make some of those cookies for my sister's brother's baby shower? You know those super yummy delicious one's you made that time back then??"

I keep practicing.

So far, I have mastered nothing.

I thought that I'd gotten banana bread down pretty well. I was making some mini muffins for G about once a week since he won't eat fruit any other way except for applesauce. Understand I said thought, that was until last week when I made some muffins and they are weird! Hard, tough, gooey on top. Just not yummy. What is up!?!

Tonight I made these

and, well, I don't know. I was just disappointed. They are ok. But not the oowy, gooey deliciousness (are we noticing a trend here with that word?) that I was expecting and waiting for. And mind you, I think this has everything to do with the baker and not the recipe or Browneyedbaker and her delicious recipes.

I think I over cooked them, which is probably a habit in my kitchen. I often forget to set a timer. I also get sidetracked and then rush back into the kitchen knocking over anything in my way to hurl open the oven door with a "shit, I burned it again" and wrinkled nose.

Perhaps some of those reasons above are why I tend not to get the final result that I am wanting when baking. I have made these improvements recently, however.

1- reading the recipe before begining.
2 - RE-reading the recipe just to be sure I actually paid attention.
3 - using the ingedients the recipe actually calls for instead of what I happen to have on hand that "could do".
4 - following the recipe.

Those four, small concessions have really made a world of difference. I have managed to make a few yummy things in the past few months. However, I really need one of these to make baked goods that come out like the recipe.
Don't you think?

Instead of this which I am currently using?

Right?? Hint, hint. :-)

Ok, gonna go eat some of those cookies now and see what a big glass of milk does to my attitude about them.



Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I have done it again. I haven't blogged in ages. And wanna know what motivated me to post? I looked at my blog and saw that horrible background!?! Why didn't any of you harass me until I changed it?? Well no thanks to you, I changed it anyway. Thanks for tolerating it this long?

A few random thoughts for this Thursday evening:

My legs hurt. This whole training-for-a-half-marathon thing is hard work. I did 5 miles on Tuesday and could only pump out 4 today. I am sitting with ice on my knee as I write. But hey, it was 99 friggin degress today! For cryin out loud!

Griffin has just begun to get nutty. If I thought he was nutty before, I was wrong. Dead wrong. He is climbing onto everything that looks remotely dangerous and trying to make it move. The back of the couch, the stroller that lives in the corner of the dining room, chairs, you name it....

I cannot believe it's June. Already. Where did the first half of the year go??

I need to win the lottery. Perhaps I should buy a ticket?

I am thankful for my wonderful hubby everyday. He is the jam. He is tolerating me working late, meeting the team for running and still makes us dinner and opens my wine and brings me booboo beans for my knee and well... I could keep that list going for a day and a half. Or maybe longer. Maybe that's a good idea for a Father's day post - 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband? I'd better start on that yesterday. Anyone got any other ideas??? :-)

I'm attempting to watch this new show called "The Good Guys" on dvr. It looked so stinkin funny but is ridiculous and it has this horrible gun shot sound after each scene change. I should just turn off the dvr and change the channel, but I'm blogging here people!!

I love little sayings people come up with instead of cursing. They make me laugh. Cheeseandrice! Shutthefrontdoor! Hotdangit! Ok so that list was really lame, but they do really make me laugh. I wish I could remember to use them instead of the real deal. It's so trashy and a horrible example to set for my little man. I am just sure his first word (Read REAL word) will be something that makes my Mother blush. Sorry Tutu. We're working on our trash mouths.

Ok, that was enough nonsense for one evening. Gonna change this stupid friggin show and maybe read a book. Oh and Ju - you are right- this book is really not a good one. Who wrote this, for reals?? It is, just, well, weird. I dunno.

Anyway, my loyal readers (all three of you) thanks for stopping by and reading my nonsense. Love ya lots. (A little high school cheese for you)