Saturday, October 25, 2008

Louis the fat-ass cat

So my good friend Pete wrote to me the other day and said that I should keep writing here, even when I feel like there isn't much to say. "Well, why the hell would I do that" i thought...who wants to read the silly rantings of an over-worked, over-stressed, pregnant woman who should be doing school work, or cleaning the house, or putting the kitchen back together, or finishing the 19 loads of laundry piled up in the laundry room? Well, apparently Pete said he might and that made me think maybe some others would too. I like to read random blogs about nothing sometimes and well honestly if no one does, I like coming here. I like writing and sometimes I even make myself laugh and make myself feel better (read: feel less like a loser since I'm doing SOMETHING, just not what I should).

So anyway I'm sitting here in the office-that-is-soon-to-be-the-nursery-but-looks-like-a-tornado-went-off-instead and trying to write some ridiculous paper on my findings about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Oh-my-god how boring can you get!!! This is the second of three such papers and they make me want to pull my new fabulous-after-chemo hair out (damn, I'm using a lot of hyphens today). I am doing everything but finishing this paper including staring out the window, yelling at the stupid mutt that lives with the morons across the street and daydreaming about the 6 pieces of chocolate I just ate and how fat they are going to make my ever growing ass. I am dreaming about what it will be like in one month when I have completed (mind, you maybe not passed) my comps (damn still can't show you the sign for that-stoopid f'in computer) and how I will have Saturdays to enjoy doing something outside of this horrid, shrinking little room. I can't even remember what that will be like! Can anyone remind me what a free Saturday is like...? Anyone? Yeah, ok so this is truly a blog about nothing. But I still like coming here. And I still like writing...just not shit about assessment instruments and how they really taught me a lot about my fake client named Jeanette whose personality I could care less about. So there, I guess I have stalled enough. Better get back to Jeanette and whether she's an ESFP or ISJT or what-the-hell-ever.

Till next time...


oh - and about that title: Anyone interested in offering up a home to a 16 year old fat-ass mean-as-hell cat named Louis? Can't blame a girl for tryin'.

Monday, October 20, 2008

baby mama

Wow, so the last time I posted was August!! I am worse than I thought! Well, there honestly hasn't been a whole lotta time for posting stuff on this here blog. I am still plugging away diligently at school which takes up the vast majority of my free time. Graduation is set for December 15th, but that is only a relevant date for me if I can survive until November 14th when I take my comprehensive final exam which is where I must recall all the information I have learned over the last two years and pour it out in essay form in under 3 hours! See the concern there (and the need for that crazy long runon sentence)? Not only did I lose some brain cells during that whole chemo bit last year but now I have preggo brain and can't half remember what I did yesterday! Okay, so those are lame excuses, but I am a tad worried about that thing. If my computer didn't hate me on a regular basis I would a picture of me showing you what the sign (American Sign Language) is for comps. It would make you laugh and cry for me at the same time (ok, so probably not cry, but one can lie to ones self, right?).

Anyway, I promised to keep you all (whoever you still are) updated on all things Mary and Larry. Well I announced in my last, albeit a ridiculously long time ago, blog that I am pregnant. Well I am 22 weeks today (that's 5.5 months for those who hate conversions like I do) and we found out just two weeks ago that we are having a boy. In fact, here are some photos for those who didn't get/see/read/open the email. We are still trying to figure out names and all that crazy jazz but it is quite an experience. Especially when we really thought we would be using those embryo's we went to all the trouble of growing and harvesting. Don't get me wrong, we are both insanely grateful that we didn't need to use them and were successful the "good old fashioned way". But that leaves us with a bit of a dilemma in what to do with those eggs that are laying patiently in cold storage continuing to rack up their enormous annual fee. That's not what I intend to post on this evening, but it's certainly something I think about often.

Anyway, back to pregnancy and la vida del reaves:
Larry has been able to feel the baby move a number of times. I definitely think its the coolest thing to ever happen to me and he finds it incredible as well. Little Baby Reaves is quite a mover and a shaker and LOVES when I eat and when I try to go to sleep. He also goes bananas when I am in the car so I told Larry its a good thing he likes to drive since we may have a baby that prefers driving around at 3am as opposed to quietly resting in his bed. Guess we'll have to keep you posted on that one! We are expecting him to arrive somewhere at the end of February, like maybe the 25th. That date gets scarier and scarier!

So around the home front, Larry and I (and the awesome people we hired to help us) have been quite busy working to get the house in better shape. We have completely re-done the kitchen and Larry is quite the cabinet maker/countertop-layer/electrician/plumber and he hasn't seen a free weekend in ages! Our house has been a complete mess for weeks now with almost every room undergoing some type of transformation and each one at various stages in the process. If I weren't so busy each night with either work or school I would be freaking out! My continued gratitude to my amazing husband for his hard work and dedication. He doesn't complain or gripe, even when he has a bandaid (only because I force him, mind you) on 5 out of 10 fingers! What a champ! We are hoping this will all be done and over and all cleaned up in the next little while. It sure would be nice to have it all ready for the Holidays!

Anyhoo, that is a quick update on what's been happening in our lives. I hope to put some before and after photo's up here of the house for anyone who is interested. Hope that you are all well and getting ready for the Holiday's, I know I sure am!