Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have no clue why the title of this blog is pajamma's except that maybe I really want to go put mine on? However, I'm much too lazy for that. Instead, I'll blog!! I've really got no ideas to blog about this wonderfully, breezy Saturday evening, so it'll just be randomness. Can ya dig it?

I've just finished reading the first two book is Stieg Larson's "The girl.." books. They are awesome!! I am drooling to get my hands on the third, but it's not being released here in the states 'til May 25th! Thank goodness Ju has a pal across the pond who was kind enough to send her their version and she's a swell gal and is going to let me borrow it! Now I've just got to be patient until she's done....

My kid is the cutest kid. He is now doing summersaults on the bed and then bursting into hysterical belly-giggles. That's the stuff that makes all the sleepless nights, temper-tantrums and scream-filled car rides all worth it. Little knucklehead.

My Grandpa rocks. Check out this story about him. Griff and I went to my Moms to hang out with The Bopster today. He is not feeling so hot and it makes me really sad. But he still can eat up some silver bells. That's fo sho.

I really love having friends over for dinner. Especially when I don't have to do the cooking. I am one spoiled little lady, for all those of you who didn't already know that. Larry cooked up some yumtastic (that word goes out to my homey Patrick) grub. Jerk chicken, firecracker shrimp, grilled asparagus and couscous. YUMMMMMMMM!

I think I need my gallbladder taken out. I am serious. To all of you who are shaking your head and mocking my hypochondriacal nature right now, hush up. You'll all feel bad when I'm right and then you'll have to bring me homemade chicken noodle soup.

Larry dropped-in the deep end of the pool. He's really stoked. Jeff was threatening to tell on him. That part makes me laugh. I am really stoked, too. That's pretty rad stuff.

Ever since I had Griffin, anything and everything makes me cry. I had it bad before, but good grief! This is getting ridiculous.

I am now going to get those pajammas, friends. Good night all and as always, thanks for reading!


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